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Fitz deserve more than, “I made a mistake”

I think I get why some people are claiming that Olivia saying she made a mistake should be enough for Fitz to forgive her and some are saying that Olivia doesn’t need to apologize to Fitz because she did nothing wrong. 

The reason is simply because what Olivia did was an act of love towards Fitz and Fitz is the only one who benefited from it. Therefore he has no reason to be acting like what Olivia did hurt him badly. 

But what some people are not getting is that while what Olivia did was an act of love and benefited Fitz, it doesn’t mean what she did wasn’t a betrayal that hurt Fitz to the core despite the fact that it was done out off love.

Because the problem is not the act itself but the lies, and lies that comes from it. The problem is the risk that Olivia put Fitz in by making that decision. The risk that we saw he had to handled by killing Verna. The consequence we saw of him getting shot at and going into a coma, that comes from that decision.  

For example:

It’s like if I wanted a child desperately, couldn’t have one, so I decided to try to adopt one with the man I love. And the man I love saw how much I wanted a child, he saw how desperately having a child was important to me. So he decided to do everything in his power to give me that child, but along the way he realized for whatever reason, the adoption agency wouldn’t allowed us to adopt child. As the man who loves me and wanted me happy and realize that I would be a great mother to a child, he decided to buy a child for me in the black-market, but he told me that the agency realize how great I would be as mother and legally allowed me to adopt this child. So I’m thinking that I got a child who is legally mine, making all my dreams come true.  Except one day the person who sold that child to my man, told me the truth and claiming he was going to let the truth out……etc.

My man made a decision with good intention, because he loves me. The decision only benefit me.

So does that me that all I should expect is an “I made a mistake”, not any type of explanation or apologize because this decision benefited me the most? No because it doesn’t matter what his intention was or why he did it, he still lied and betrayed me.

That’s the same thing with Olivia & Fitz,  it’s not about who benefited from Olivia’s decisions or her intention, it’s about the fact that while it benefited Fitz, it also caused him to be lied to for yrs by the woman he trusted above everyone else in his life. And even when the truth was going to come out, the woman he trusted above everyone else didn’t have the decency to go to him and tell him that his life as he knows it was going to be over with and here is why. Instead he had to find out the truth from someone who tried to killed him twice for something she did and, who only regretted that they didn’t succeed in killing him. 

So yeah, there’s no way in hell Fitz doesn’t deserve more than just ” I made a mistake” from Olivia,  just because he reacted badly to finding out that Olivia betrayed and lied to him.

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    Contrary to what you have said, It didn’t take 30 seconds for Fitz to apologise. It took him ONE year! Fitz instigated...
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    Why should Fitz apologize to Olivia for having sex with Mellie in order to have a baby? If I remember correctly Fitz is...
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    Really? It’s called decency and respect. And it wasn’t simply an act of love, exactly per the example in the post. It...
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    What difference does it makes if she apologize or not?! What’s done is done. Hasn’t she paid for difiance enough? What...
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    Yes. Agree completely. I’m just not moved by the “Olivia felt really really bad about it, ok” arguments. In addition to...
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    ^^^ I couldn’t forget how betrayed and pained he must feel. Plus, was she EVER going to tell him?
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