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They need to get their lives first, before they get each other.

I love them and I was so happy that they both got to say what was needed to be said on both their parts. I’m glad Fitz called Olivia out on her need to control him by trying to handle and fix him. And I’m also glad that Olivia told Fitz that the way he treated her after finding out about Defiance was wrong and it deeply hurt her.

 Now I get why Olivia always leaves Fitz, no matter how much Fitz tell her he loves her and would willingly burn down the world for her, it doesn’t matter. Because unless he is willing to be like Huck, who NEVER leaves her no matter what and is willing to stay with her even when it hurts; she will always feel the need to leave him in fear that if she doesn’t leave him, he will be the one who leaves, causing her to be left in dark alone.  

 This episodes shows that Fitz was the worst and the best man, Olivia could have fall in love with. He is the worst because Olivia fears and hate being left behind, him being a president, married with children almost guarantee that’s what will happen in their relationship.  He is the best, because Olivia needs someone as expressive and almost obsessively in love with her as Fitz is, in order for that person to be able to break down the walls she built as a result of her fear that someone will never love her enough not to leave her. So Fitz is her nightmare and her dream come true role in one. 

This why I need both of them to get their life, I don’t mean for Fitz to get on his horse to fight for Olivia, no that’s not the life I need him to get. I need him to get his life in term of realizing that he can’t keep fighting for Olivia while still being married to Mellie. He will never win and he doesn’t deserve to win because that’s basically him willingly allowing himself to fight for her with one arm tie behind his back.

He can’t win Olivia unless he uses both his arms to fight for her. Because she fears too much, she has been hurt too much, and she has been left behind too much. Only him being free, therefore able to fight for her with both arms will he be able to convince her to stay still and allow him to catch and keep her. Because that is when she will know without question that he won’t leave her. The one thing that posed a threat to him staying with her, after he uses all the pretty words in world to tell her he loves her, is his marriage, and if he divorce Mellie, that will no longer be a threat. 

So before he starts fighting for Olivia, I need him to fight for his life first by deciding whether he wants to be a two term president or not. How he wants to go about it, if it is something he wants. Does he want to make a deal with Mellie, that she will help in them getting a quiet divorce in his second term in return for him doing everything in his power to help her gain the political power she crave? Or does he just want to finish this term and divorce her? He needs to decide and after he has decided and worked these things out. Then he can go to Olivia and starts fighting for her.

As for Olivia, she needs to get her life by deciding whether she wants to be the woman who loves Fitz or whether she wants to be his Fixer. If she  wants to be his fixer, than she need to seat her ass down because he didn’t call her to fix shit, he only asked her to love him.Therefore it is not her job to fix his marriage or him. 

But if she is the woman who loves him, than she needs to listen to him when he tell her what he wants. She needs to either give him good advice to help him get what he wants and if she can’t do that. She should just support him and let him handle his life. 

In the end, this episode made me love Olivia/Fitz/Huck more

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