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Scott Foley is definitely coming back to Scandal

Is the FOX midseason comedy The Goodwin Games already scared of  the Cancellation Bear? The network has cut the show’s episode order from 13 to 7, reports TVLine. FOX claims the cut has nothing to do with the quality of the show. It’s simply a scheduling issue. Since the network has ordered two extra episodes of New Girl and TheMindy Project, there is less room for Goodwin Games.

Series premier rating: 0.6  and 1.6vm viewers

With these news, I’m preparing myself for the return of Jake.

  1. huck-it-live-and-be-merry reblogged this from miaadamswhat and added:
    Welp…..I guess I won’t watch as fervently as I used to. Might not even watch. hate Jake….and SF is not likeable at all.
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    It will be hard, but if this is where she plans to go season 3, well KIRK OUT!
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    Foley is just lacking. You know when you look at actors and you wonder why they haven’t broken out like they should, and...
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    Gladiators need to watch this show and keep jake there lol
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    I’m extremely sorry to see this post now! all day i have been thinking of them, Jake and SR! I will give her the credit...
  6. 1shara reblogged this from jazzypom and added:
    Oh Shonda, t’was a gretty folly to impose Foley on us. I like the story line, I absolutely loathe the actor.
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    The bolded!!!!
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    Shonda will look real good in that unemployment line if she kills off Fitz.
  13. miaadamswhat reblogged this from nikkisshadetree and added:
    Damn Nikki I hate ya’ll because you all called it. I’m just really sad i have to leave my show because flammable love...
  14. dettylover reblogged this from nikkisshadetree and added:
    I’m already on the fence about watching the next season given that Olitz and Cyrus are the saving graces at the moment....
  15. seveneaglestar reblogged this from geejayeff and added:
    I think it is partly self-fish defensive, detached behavior but I also think that this might have been the only way she...
  16. geejayeff reblogged this from seveneaglestar and added:
    I get that SHE thinks it’s love. But it’s not really. Or rather, if the fixing were part of a continuum of other...
  17. nikkisshadetree reblogged this from char-thelove and added:
    No, both Joke and SF annoy me. As I’ve always said, I’ve expected Liv to get a legit love interest other than Fitz. But...
  18. char-thelove reblogged this from nikkisshadetree and added:
    it’s not even Jakes character that irks me, it’s SF. if Shonda could get a clue and replace him, I could deal, but SF...
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    -_- … ill hit you up when season 4 comes on if that is the cast… that mother fucker gotta go .. INSTEAD OF SHONDA...
  20. danifran16 reblogged this from mochamajesty and added:
    Um, yeah…she is no idiot. She may love Foley but she still managed to kill him off of Grey’s, right?
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    UGH. I liked Scott Foley on Grey’s and Shonda kills him off in a random episode. Can’t stand him on Scandal and the guy...
  23. ket89 reblogged this from gladi8rs and added:
    What is this fuckery? Arrrrghhhh! Get rid of him Already!!!!!
  24. sukietempesta reblogged this from spectaclesinscript and added:
    but he didnt really save her though… jake presumed wrong, i dont think bakery girl was going to kill her, but rather get...
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    Olivia + jake = sayonara scandal
  27. spectaclesinscript reblogged this from miltonsong and added:
    I’m here for Fitz having a tête-à-tête with Jake. I don’t care that he saved Olivia and he got put into the hole or that...
  28. prettysunsets reblogged this from miltonsong and added:
    Its kinda sad that y’all can predict this whole thing already.